Training courses, analyses and consultancy services for truffle growers

Services for truffle growers: consultancy, analyses and trainings


At MicoLab we provide services for truffle growers, nurserymen and specialists in the field of black winter truffle and summer truffle cultivation (Tuber melanosporum and Tuber aestivum).

The basic objective of our consultancy service is to make land owners aware of the possibilities of their plots for successful truffle farming. We also aim to help them select the field works to be carried out and the most suitable management techniques to achieve high yields in truffle plantations.

At MicoLab we will help you decide where and how to plant. We will analyze and assess if the plants to be used have the right quality to produce truffles in the future. You will also be able to know the progress of the black or summer truffle mycorrhizae in your plantations and the presence of possible contaminating mycorrhizal fungi that could endanger the productive future of your plots.

Through our training service we offer high quality practical courses to obtain higher yields and increase efficiency in the nurseries, plantations and laboratories. Our courses are designed to focus on the needs that we identify in the sector, through our experience as analysts, plantation managers and trainers.

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