Quality control of mycorrhizal seedlings


MicoLab offers services for professional nurseries and truffle farmers in the area of quality control of mycorrhizal seedlings colonized by the black truffle fungi (Tuber melanosporum) or summer truffle (Tuber aestivum). We also monitor the proper mycorrhizal development in truffle plantations and provide technical advice for its improvement.

If you own a nursery, MicoLab will help you improve your seedling quality in order to get strong and healthier plants adapted to field conditions, with higher percentages of root tips colonized by the truffle fungus and without the presence of other fungi that act as contaminants and may jeopardize future truffle yields.

MicoLab will advise you on where to establish successfully your truffle plantation and on the adequate plant quality needed to have the best chances of developing a plantation with high yields and optimum quality truffles. You will also be able to monitor the development of the truffle mycorrhizae (fungi) in your truffle fields and to control the presence of competing mycorrhizal fungi that may endanger the success of your plantation.

MicoLab’s main target is to help you to assess the suitability of your fields for truffle cultivation and to give you the best advice on how to get ideal results. To achieve this, special care will be taken for the assessment of soil and climate data, mycorrhizal status of seedlings and older truffle trees in plantations, and also, the proper cultivation techniques adapted to your particular field conditions (irrigation, pruning, weed and pest control, ploughing, etc.).