This section provides links to articles and scientific papers related to truffle cultivation and MicoLab’s services

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Video: Truffle farming, basic concepts. We recommend you this video so you can have a view of the options available and understand some basic concepts that are important in order to be able to decide if jumping into this wonderful adventure.

Video: How to correctly sample soils for analysis. This video aims to help truffle farmers do a correct soil sampling so the data obtained in the analysis is representative of the plot and helps them decide if it is suitable for planting truffle trees, which corrective measures may be needed and do the necessary calculations if nutrient inputs are required.

Monitoring mycorrhizae in truffle plantations, this presentation is a twenty year overview of research and results on monitoring truffle orchards for mycorrhizae. It gives a clear idea of its complexity and the importance and applications of this type of analysis.

Method to evaluate ectomycorrhizal fungus richness in black truffle trees, in this poster you can check the sampling method used by MicoLab to monitor mycorrhizae in truffle plantations and, again, the importance of doing so.

Video: How to sample trees in truffle plantations to analyze their roots. In this video you can learn how to do a correct root sampling that will allow the lab technicians to obtain an adequate amount of mycorrhizae to assess the mycorrhizal status of the plantation, identify risks of possible mycorrhizal contaminant species and make management decisions based on the results.

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