Assessment of site suitability. Management requirements.

This consultancy service will assess the potential of a site for truffle cultivation. It will also provide the future farmers with advice on how to improve the site suitability and which management techniques to apply to get optimum yields and truffle quality.

Soil analysis

Soil data is essential for the assessment of the truffle cultivation potential of a site. At the client’s request, MicoLab can manage the whole soil analysis process (soil sampling, sample preparation and shipping) or the client can send the soil samples directly to the certified soil analysis laboratory recommended by MicoLab or to any other trustworthy lab.

Climate and field condition analysis

With the climate and other important data (slope, sun exposure, plant species present…), MicoLab will develop a report which will include the truffle possibilities of your field, the most adequate host tree species in your soil and climate conditions and the basic points to follow on the plantation establishment and young plantation management.

Plantation management

MicoLab offers consultancy services for the long-term management of your plantation, including mycorrhizal development monitoring and improvement, irrigation dose and techniques for the different plantation stages, pruning, ploughing, soil improvement, weed and pest control, field spore inoculations, etc.

Prior to engaging in any service, the client will be provided with a written budget describing the agreed services to be developed by MicoLab.

At the client’s request, MicoLab will provide the rates for any specific service